How does screen time negatively impact concussion recovery?

As technology is increasingly becoming a big part of our younger generation’s life, it is important to acknowledge its damaging potential in the long run. Though it can be seen as a helpful tool to keep them entertained in the midst of a busy time for the parents, there has been shown to be more downsides to the screen time than good The use of screens at the early development stage has not only been shown to cause development and neurological impairment ( such as in autism), but it also hinders the recovery process. This has been shown to have a negative impact on the recovery from concussion.

(Kohl’s building blocks)

A study was conducted on 125 patients aged 12 to 25, to test the effects of 48hr deprivation of screen time on recovery after concussive symptoms. Control had a shorter duration of symptoms (3.5 days) than 8 days for those allowed screen time right after their concussion.

The Post-Concussive Symptom Scale on a score of 3 points was used to assess a 22-symptom scale for the subjects in the study. Each symptom is  rated from 0 to 6 (severe).(Macnow & Curran, 2021)

(Middlebrook, 2016)

Dr. Mark Halsted, a pediatrician assistant at the University of Washington in St. Louis, has made remarks that ” It’s not just the prolonged sole exposure to screen time that can slow down recovery, but everything that involves high activity such as social events, school, etc.”

With exposure to video games, there is a high requirement for concentration and focus for prolonged time on cognitive expenditure.

  • Using screen has often shown to decrease in score for cognitive testing
  • Impairment in social and behavioral skills as seen in autism
  • Due to compromised white matter integrity, reduced cortical thickness as seen in different brain scans.
  • As you can’t keep straining an injured arm, a concussed brain should keep out of screens to avoid further injury

therefore, this information should not pass unnoticed because of how much screen time has become an intergrated part of our lifestyle. The same way you coulnd’t keep hitting a bruised arm, is the same way screen time and high demanding activities should be avoided for a concussed individual.

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