Final Blog post: a personal reflection

My experience with this class:

Neurochemistry was by far the most interactive and learning-focused class that I have taken so far in my college life. It has helped me realize the importance of understanding concepts, asking questions, and being comfortable, rather than cramming a bunch of information. I have to admit, that I was completely lost and had no idea what was going on in my first days of taking the course. It was a lot of new concepts that I was not very familiar with, however, it was interesting enough to keep me focused.

My biggest takeaway in this class was to be confident, to learn, ask questions, explore and be creative overall. These skills have tremendously helped me to easily read and understand neurochemistry research articles easier and be able to interpret the data, what it means and its possible further implications.

BREWing through Neurochemistry: Being Responsibly Engaged in the World.

Though I did not continue with the PEAK route of the class, I believe that I have actively engaged with the world around me through being knowledgeable and being responsible. Learning neurodegenerative diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Obesity, Addiction, and anxiety, helped me be more mindful of my actions and neurological consequences that may arise. This is the long-term can help change behaviors for the better, which is why I believe that this class was very fruitful and mindful to me.

Through my engagement in the Student Government Association, I actively used my platform s a leader to advocate for the importance of maintaining one’s fitness, through working to promote awareness of Holistic Health. This involves various aspects of health not just limited to physical wellness but also including financial wellness, spiritual wellness, emotional and social wellness. It was a learning and very rewarding time for me, as it teaches good habits that help reduce stress, by promoting mindfulness in what we ingest and invest our money in.

This made me feel the importance of learning science more intimately, as I could easily see how it plays in my life and those around me.

Advice for future students:

My biggest advice is to enjoy the class and have a desire to learn. You don’t have to have prior knowledge for neurochemistry to do well in class. However, it is important to have the desire to learn in your own time, from your other classmates whenever possible. Take advantage of Wednesday sessions, as it is the best time to learn more aspects of the subjects you’re learning. ASK QUESTIONS AND MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND, it can be harder to get back on track when you’re lagging.


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